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Isaac Carlson is the creator and content creator behind Wotso Videos - a YouTube channel focused on spreading magic and positivity by discussing Disney, film, and other stories which have been viewed by millions of fun people.


Growing up with a passion for the internet, animated films, TV, movies, and theme parks, Isaac created the YouTube channel so he could pursue the joy he got from creating videos and share the magic he felt from those wonderful childhood experiences. He wanted to spread happiness to fun people around the world.

Since Isaac’s first video in 2007, through trial and error, self teaching, and dedication, he grew his channel to over 400,000 fun people with over 100 million views on his videos. After studying mathematics and entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Isaac is now pursuing his dreams and getting the chance to talk about his love of Disney every single day.

Most recently, in addition to Wotso Videos, Isaac has began hosting a podcast titled Following Dreams where he will explore how people are achieving their dreams by pursuing their passions.